politic's is hard

i love it when people who insist that capitalism is economically sound/sense-making refuse to go beyond the realm of capitalism in the united states

whoah you forgot the rest of the world there buddy

like?? people argue that socialism doesnt make sense when the proof is right


i mean sorry that you dont know a thing about anything outside of america but the nordic countries know how to do it; there’s not really an argument against that

the nordics have mixed economies but a stronger voice of socialism in their economies, which manifests in remarkable funding for public education. not to mention the public educational systems in the nordic countries are held in high regard in the global community. university is free and that fundamentally just sets up a common citizen for a fulfilling career—whereas in america we have to pay through the nose at a time in our life when we are financially unsound and uncertain, leaving the vast majority of us in crippling student debt for no reason other than trying to succeed in the world

in addition to simply supporting their citizens and helping them contribute back to their home countries, the altruistic nature of redistributing the wealth in the nordic countries has resulted in a different way of thinking than ours—time and time again the nordics rank in as the happiest countries in the world, and that is because their people are simply happy being alive and having a comfortable, secure lifestyle rather than the novelty of buying and selling; a concept we regard as fostering happiness (when in actuality this thought process only insinuates greediness and the mental dependence on physical goods and services)

also the nordic countries have pretty stable economies considering the minor fluctuation of the value of the respective national currencies in the recent european debt crisis

that one was tough you guys!! hoo boy

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